Monday, June 23, 2008

All Work and Some Play

So I was sitting at my desk this morning contemplating a cookie when our secretary came by and asked me if I could get my presentation to her by 8am.

"What presentation?" ask I.

"The one you're giving to the manager's meeting at 9:30" she replied.

Ah, that's a nice Monday morning surprise. It's lucky she dropped by because nobody had told me. Oh well, at least I had a laptop, network connection and projector. I actually like doing off-the-cuff presentations, and as happens with these things, once I started and got a few jokes in everything just flowed. Of course sometimes I forget to shut up too, so I completely overshot my timeslot by a good 20 minutes. Ha ha ha - serves them right.

This is going to be my week for demos because I'm doing presentations all day Wednesday and Thursday too, along with some external consultants. On the plus side that means I get taken out for lunch most of this week too. Hooray.

Enough about work, play is much more interesting. Aftermath of Saturday's run? Actually, not much. My hip flexors were a little sore, but that's about it. I have a good core workout dvd from SABAR training that I'll pop in tonight and do. They have some killer side-lying leg lift routines which I really need to start doing at least once a week. Hip flexors - you have been put on notice.

Nancy ran the Pflugerville triathlon on Sunday and it was a wonderful (though yet another far too early) morning. Gavin has been extra good this weekend and the weather was once again perfect. We spent our time throwing stones into the water and playing along the lake. I like this triathlon so much more than the Danskin (strictly from a spectator's viewpoint of course), and Nancy pulled off her first sub 10-minute-mile 5k run to round it off (with a 5k time of 29:19 she well and truly obliterated that 10-minute-mile barrier).

I spent the rest of Sunday cooking indian food and fiddling with the computer. On Friday evening, after having used Ubuntu linux for over a year, I decided to put Windows back on my laptop. That lasted for all of a day, and by yesterday I had gotten fed up of it, downloaded the newest release of Ubuntu and put it back. The thing I love about it is that you install the operating system and everything just works. There's no need to search everywhere for drivers, and it's so much faster (and free). Windows? No chance.

Oh, and the chicken korma was yummy too. Did pilau rice and naan bread with it and froze enough batches of the base sauce to keep us going for a good few meals to come. I just finished the leftovers for lunch.

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