Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh What a Circus

A few days ago we were reading to Gavin about lions and tigers from one of his books and Nancy had the idea that he would really enjoy going to the circus. Now I have very fond memories of the circus coming to my small South Walian town when I was a little boy. They would always erect the big tent on the same stretch of wasteground where the travelling fair set up for one glorious week each September (long since gone, the site now contains a housing development). I remember going with my dad - the excitement and anticipation, the smell of the animals and sawdust (I particularly remember holding a little lion cub who kept trying to eat my badge), the ringmaster, the clowns, the acrobats.... Yes, I thought it was a great idea. A quick look around the internet and I found that the Ringling Brothers circus would be at the Frank Irwin Center in Austin in August, so I booked us all tickets. We're going to the circus!!!

I've been feeling tired and lethergic for the last few days. I want to be well rested for the race on Saturday so I backed off any workout last night and instead spent a nice relaxed evening cuddled up with Gavin watching cartoons and reading stories. He loves it when I make up stories for him, only my versions don't always turn out as they should. I guess it's my wicked streak, but Big Bad Wolves often become misunderstood heroes in their pursuit of lazy little pigs who invariably end up as sausages, pork chops or bacon. Sometimes we'll stop in the middle of a story, let him make up the next part and then I'll pick it up from there (the Prince took one whiff of Cinderella's smelly shoe and fainted dead away). It's a creative and fun experience for both of us.

I like to think it's my British sense of humor. Nancy says I'm just twisted.

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