Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pressing Matters

This is the latest gadget to come out of my woodworking shop - a tortilla press.  Like freshly made pasta, if you've only ever had store-bought tortillas you don't know what you're missing.  I broke it in last night with a big batch of corn tortillas, which were dispatched nearly as fast as I could make them.  Other than smoking up the house (whoops) they were a huge success, and ridiculously easy to make with my new toy.

I am also planning on using it to simplify making pita, naan bread and Cornish pasties.  Not to mention it will come in very handy while perusing my other Christmas present.

On the running front, the first week of Jantastic is going really well (it's the last few days to register if you're looking for that extra bit of motivation).  Helped by some wonderfully cold weather, I've had 2 great runs in a row.  This morning I met James for our fast Wednesday run with the intention of dipping under an hour for my 8 miles.  Well I managed it by 19 seconds (hooray), and James planted the idea in my head of working on getting that time down to 56 minutes in the months ahead.

Sounds good to me - go Boston!!!

And just a quick word on blog neglect.  Each year, I wrap up the blogging year by doing a post looking back on all the ups and down of the year that was.  I am planning on doing that post, but I've been super busy working (aka playing) in the garage.  The post is coming, but it may be a tad bit late.

Oh, and happy new year everyone.

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JohnF said...

Nice. The best tacos start from fresh made tortillas.