Friday, December 30, 2011

The Road to Boston (week 1 of 16)

So here we are in the dying days of 2011.  The week between Christmas and New Year always seems such a strange kind of limbo - a time for dispensing with the old and bringing in the new.

Or combining the two, and resurrecting my old blog training log format for a new training plan.

Because here in late December, April seems such a very long way away.  But it's really only 16 weeks until the Boston marathon.  And what better way to say goodbye to 2011 than by starting Boston-specific marathon training with a bang.

Even if that bang is me struggling my way up a big hill!!!

DateSaturday December 31st - New Year's Eve
Planam - 17 miles hilly run
pm - enjoy date night and a Bob Schneider concert with Nancy
Outcome5:15am, 41F and still. Met Clea downtown to kick off the Boston adventure, and we did 17 hilly miles in 2:30:37 (8:51 average). We ran Jefferson in reverse, then turned around, braved the hills of Stratford and did Jefferson again in the other direction.  A beautiful morning - I felt great, especially on the hills, and good conversation made it go by really quickly.  Nice way to finish out 2011. 

DateSunday January 1st
Planam - 7 miles
Outcome5:30am, 55F and windy. The Bob Schneider concert last night was awesome, but we didn't get home until gone 2am so it was a real effort of will to get up when the alarm went off at 5am.  Glad I did though, because this was the perfect way to set my stall for the 2012 running year.  Met Clea, and we did 7 miles in 1:00:23 (8:37 pace).  Went home, fell back into bed and slept for a good few hours.

  DateMonday January 2nd
Planam - Nothing
OutcomeFollowed the plan exactly :-)

DateTuesday January 3rd
Planam - 10 miles (aim for 7:40 pace)
Outcome4:45am, 27F, cold and still - great running weather.  Yes, I know I was supposed to do 10 miles, but I didn't get out until late so I ended up running 7.  I also have no idea what my time or pace was because I left my Garmin at home (yeah, I was super organized this morning), but it was cold so I'm sure it was sub-8 pace.  However, it was a beautiful run - I did a variant at the end where instead of turning off on Guadalupe I continued on to Duval and then hit the reward downhill back to the car.  Enjoyed the last of the Christmas decorations, and got the first Jantastic run in the books.  Woo hoo!!!

DateWednesday January 4th
Planam - 8 miles (aim to get under an hour)
Outcome5am, 38F, another perfect running morning.  Met James for an 8 miler with the stated intention of going under an hour.  Did it with a 59:41 (7:27 average), with the rabbit finishing about 30 seconds ahead of me.  Kept with him until the last 2 miles when he just took off.  Thanks also to James for planting the idea in my head to get our Wednesday 8 mile times down to 56 minutes.

DateThursday January 5th
Planam - 8 miles (pace run with Clea)
Outcome4:30am, 47F.  Got up a little early to check on the BBQ I was smoking overnight, so did the run smelling of mesquite and brisket.  We did 7 miles in 58:27 (8:27 pace). Nice run - had fun planning next weekend's long run route.  Spotted a coyote while driving home through my neighborhood.

DateFriday January 6th

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