Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jack Frost Nipping

It was 25F for this morning's run - we are in the realm of the ice king, and I am loving it.  Last night I moved the car out of the garage to do some woodworking, and left it outside.  This morning I had to de-ice it before setting off to meet James.  Two Brits running in sub-zero temperatures - it felt like home!!!

The BCS marathon is this weekend, so I was planning on taking it easy, but I felt good and managed a 7:33 average, kicking it up to sub-7 for the last 2 miles.  Now granted that's nowhere near the speed I was putting up for my midweek runs this time last year (and a good 12 seconds a mile slower than my last marathon), but considering the (lack of) training I've been putting in, I'll take it.

On the downside, I am definitely still feeling a lot of pain from my left leg.  It is super tight and there is a stubborn knot behind the knee that refuses to go away.  I guess that's one of nature's clues that I'm getting older - injuries and aches and pains take longer to go away.

I'm still a long ways from being consigned to the rocking chair though, ha ha.

So to this weekend's marathon.  I have no time goal, and this is not a goal race - I'm saving that for Boston.  I plan on going out, taking it easy, maybe finding a few folks to chat with and just enjoying it.  I posted on facebook somewhat facetiously than in honor of the Aggie football team I should run really hard for the first 18 miles, and then implode in the last quarter and let everyone pass me.

Between you and me, dear reader, I really don't plan on doing that!!!

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