Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Road to Boston (week 3 of 16)

I hit 50 miles last week, which is something I haven't done in a while.  Consistency is paying dividends, as I had some strong runs in there, including a nice 8 miler done at 7:26 pace.

And with some cold weather forecast for this week, I am very much in my element, and hope to keep putting in some strong runs.

DateSaturday January 14th
Planam - 19 miles
Outcome5:10am, 25F.  Coldest morning of the winter resulted in me adding a pair of gloves to my standard shorts and t-shirt.  Met Clea at the bakery, and we ran down through UT and along to the trail to the rock to meet Stephanie and Teresa.  Had a relaxed Jefferson run, then Clea and I retraced our steps along the trail, back up Congress and through UT to the bakery.  Enjoyed the run and the conversation, though I did get several odd glances on the trail from folks wrapped up in coats, scarves, hats and looking like ninjas.  We did 19 miles in 2:45:47 (8:43 pace) and I felt very comfortable, though I did discover several blood blisters at the end of my toes post-run.

DateSunday January 15th
Planam - 7 miles easy
Outcome5:30am, 30F.  Not as cold as yesterday, we did the Danish loop in reverse with some new variations.  It's amazing how different a familiar running route looks when run in reverse.  Finished out in 58:48 (8:24 pace).  Time for some coffee and biscotti.

  DateMonday January 16th
Planam - Nothing

DateTuesday January 17th
Planam - 10 miles (aim for sub-8 minute miles)
OutcomeAfter a series of late nights working in the garage, I just didn't make it out this morning.  Settled instead for an untimed 2 mile trot around the neighborhood.  Saving myself for taking on the rabbit in tomorrow's speed run.

DateWednesday January 18th
Planam - 8 miles (aim to get under an hour)
Outcome5am, 37F and breezy.  Some days you take a beating, and on others you hand them out.  Today I was doing the handing out.  Felt good and comfortable throughout the run and finished the 8 miles in 59:49 (7:28 average).  Was so comfortable that I almost missed ducking under the hour, but made it courtesy of a 6:50 last mile.  Am thinking of making my Marchvellous goal a sub-58 minute 8 miles on this Wednesday pace run.

DateThursday January 12th
Planam - 7 miles easy
Outcome4:30am, 45F - positively toasty.  Relaxed 7 mile reverse Mueller loop with Clea.  Lots of good conversation, and we kept up a nice pace - 57:51 (8:15 average).

DateFriday January 6th

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