Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weight a Minute

Saturday 9th July: 15 miles in 2:10:25 (8:41 pace)

A much better run this Saturday - I ate a banana beforehand, alternated water and gatorade in my handhelds, and was all round a good boy.  The run felt a lot easier, and I had plenty left in the tank, despite the temps being in the 80s at 5:30am.  Just as well because the mileage goes up to 16 next weekend!!!

Weighed myself after the run for the first time in forever, and found I was 155lbs.  And that's after a 15 mile hot and humid run where I could have expected to lose a few pounds.  When I ran White Rock back in December, I was lean and mean at 145.  Surely it can't be all the yummy brisket I smoked the other week?  Or the equally yummy carrot cake I polished off for my birthday?  Or the ice cream I've been enjoying before bed most nights?  No, I blame all the hot hotel breakfasts and restaurant dinners from all the traveling I've been doing recently - those egg and cheese omelettes with sausage gravy are pure evil.

But delicious.

Hee hee, whatever it is I intend to be back down to 145 in time to Rock and Roll in San Antonio come November.  But I also enjoy eating, so I guess I may just have to add in some cross training to make up for it.  It was due to be added back into the schedule anyway - aerobic weights, core training and the bike trainer all made a huge difference to my running last year.

So after we put the boys to bed tonight I hopped back on the bike and did a quick 30 minutes of high cadence pedaling while watching all the spectacular crashes from today's Tour de France.

It's been a busy weekend with very little sleep last night, so I'm off to bed to dream of cheese omelettes with sausage gravy!!!

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