Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Climbing Cathedral Mountains

Couldn't find my Garmin for this morning's run, so ran "old school" with my watch. When I got home, I looked everywhere and still couldn't find it. Finally I asked Gavin if he'd seen my "running watch", and he was like "oh yeah, Dylan had that. I know where it is." He proceeded to take me to Dylan's "hidden hoard" where the little rascal (Dylan) has been collecting and hiding away "interesting items". And there was my Garmin, along with several other things I've been looking for!!!

Tomorrow's going to be an early start for us as we're escaping the Texas heat and flying to the mountains. My company is holding a retreat at a beautiful ranch in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Westcliffe, Colorado.  5 days of hiking, swimming, climbing, riding, eating and drinking.

I would say relaxing, but we have two of the most active boys known to man, so there probably won't be much of that.  Should be a ton of fun though!!!

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