Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Calves are Mooing

Saturday 2nd July: 14 miles in 2:06:15 (9:01 pace)
Sunday 3rd July: 8 miles in 1:10:15 (8:47 pace)
Monday 4th July: 8 miles in 1:10:34 (8:49 pace)

I think I dehydrated myself on Saturday's run because both my calves have been sore ever since, and they're only now getting back to normal.  They felt like they were about to cramp during the last few miles and never did, but I did feel like I was very close to overheating when I got home (for a 14 mile run at 9 minute mile pace?  WTF!!!?).  I hobbled around Saturday afternoon, but managed decent enough runs on both Sunday and Monday, all of them slap bang in the middle of my target pace zone for base building.

The weather helped because it was noticeably less humid than Saturday, which was somewhat of a relief.

Yesterday was my birthday, and the odometer clicked over to 38.  Limping around with sore calves I felt every single one of those 38 years.  And as one of my running friends pointed out, I'm edging ever so slightly closer to the "masters runner" age category.

I think I'm going to make a brilliantly grumpy old man!!!

After my early morning run, I watched the day's action in the Tour de France and then took Gavin hiking at Walnut Creek.  The temperatures had gotten up into triple digits, but we did a good 4 miles with our camelbaks, ran all the fun downhills, chatted our heads off, and enjoyed just being with each other.  After some quality time on the swings, we headed back home to get Nancy and Dylan, and then back to Walnut Creek to go swimming at the pool.

I had a great birthday, though I must admit I crashed hard last night.

More travel on the cards this week.  This time I'm teaching a two day class in North Texas, which means more of those boring treadmill runs.  Boo hiss.

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