Friday, July 1, 2011

Run 'em Aggies

The problem with spending a large amount of time training for and gearing toward one particular race is what happens if you have a bad day?  What if it's unusually hot or humid, what if you just don't feel good?  San Antonio has had some pretty nasty weather on race day in the last few years, so it can really be a lottery.  My solution to that is to pick a backup race, and last night I signed up for the inaugural Bryan/College Station marathon.

My wife is an Aggie, so spending the weekend in College Station was an easy sell.  The course is supposedly flat and fast, and it winds through the Texas A&M campus.  I came across it by accident, but the timing is right (11th December - about a month after San Antonio) and there is a good chance it will be nice and cold.

I had considered running White Rock again (the week before), but I had such a perfect race there last year I would hate to go back and tarnish the memory of that wonderful day.  And I just managed to sneak into the last hour of early bird signup, which meant I got a really great deal.

Gig 'em Aggies!!!

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johnt said...

i signed up for the half. all the chicks will be running the half.