Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cajun Thai

It's my last night in Baton Rouge, and I finally found a great restaurant - only wish I could have stumbled across it earlier.  The problem with traveling is that your eating choices are not always the greatest (as evidenced by my fast developing spare tire), but tonight I was determined to do better, and I found a really quirky little Thai restaurant close to LSU. It was called Rama and seems to be a bit of a local secret. It didn't even look like a restaurant from the outside, and inside it was more like a basement club. But it had a great vibe and served up some delicious Thai food. I was torn between the green curry and the pad Thai, but the noodles won the day.  And they sure were good.

In my attempt to halt the progress of said spare tire, I did another 2 miles on the treadmill tonight at a 5:50 pace.  It's very misleading - I start off feeling relaxed and thinking it's not so bad.  But the further I go the harder it gets - I feel my legs, back and shoulders tightening up with the effort to keep going, and soon the sweat starts flying off my forehead and hitting the control panel while I try to disappear to my happy place.

I nearly fell off the thing at the end - I suspect I will be sore tomorrow.

So I'm sitting here now in my hotel room watching "America: the History of Us" on my laptop.  I love history, and this is a really good documentary from the history channel that's so well done.  I'm currently on the episode with the roughnecks "walking the steel".

It's quite riveting.

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