Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Update

It's amazing the difference a week makes in my little garden. Plants that were just poking their heads through the earth last week have suddenly shot up, and it's always exciting to venture outside in the morning and see what's grown overnight.

This morning I planted more corn, red onion, scallion, lettuce and snap peas. I have tomatoes (roma and big boys) and peppers that are doing really well indoors and may be ready to transplant later this week, and I've started another tray of herbs (basil, oregano and cilantro).

It will be cool to look back on these weekly pictures and see exactly how the garden progressed (or not as the case may be).

The standard overview.  More labels are appearing as I fill up the squares.

Corn, with cucumber in the row behind.  Both have really taken off this week

Red onion and radishes.  The lettuce in the row behind have not come through yet

The zucchini plant - this has really grown in the last week.  I now have 2 of them, and another 2 summer squash plants doing really well.  Hoping these will provide some great summer grilling.

My tomatoes and bell peppers being hardened outdoors prior to transplanting


K said...

Looking forward to getting my garden in the ground next weekend!

Are those "soaker" type hoses?

Did you lay anything under the dirt such as newspaper or plastic?

Glad you are enjoying your little space in the world! Seems you are being a great steward of it, this is for sure!

Mark said...

Hey Karen. Yes, those are soaker hoses. I laid out the beds in square feet and threaded the hose between rows. I didn't put newspaper or plastic down, but I did dig down about 4", and then laid down 1.5 yards of good soil from the landscaping yard (about 6" in depth). I also added some bloodmeal, bonemeal and wood ash a few days before planting the first seeds.

Good luck with your garden - I look forward to pictures!!!