Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Running - Share the Love

One of the best things about running in Texas summertime is that you finish every run looking like you've just climbed out of a swimming pool. No obvious advantage you may think, until you factor in Gavin. Every time I get home from a run, he's waiting for me. "Sweaty me, daddy" he'll shout, and I'll chase him around the house until I catch him, wrestle him to the floor and make sure he gets a good faceful of my sweaty running shirt.

Of course, once he's been "sweatied" he then becomes part of my posse and urges me to sweaty mummy and Dylan as well. Many is the time Nancy's threatened me with a spatula or other kitchen weapon if I get any closer. Dreadful behavior on her part when you consider my only crime is to want to hug my wife!!!

This morning was a particularly good one. Gavin didn't want to get up to go to school, I was soaked after a very humid early morning run, and he got well and truly sweatied.

The semi-veggie experiment is still going well. I've found a website called the Savvy Vegetarian which has a bunch of really good recipes. I've tried several quinoa, lentil and kale dishes, but my favorite by far is the curried chickpeas. I served it with some egg fried brown rice and it was delicious. Today I'm going to try the mango quinoa salad.

Yesterday evening I met Alan and Erik for a trail run, and Alan brought me some roma tomatoes he'd grown. They look really good and I think I'm going to be making some pico de gallo tonight.

It's funny - when I was carrying that muscle strain a few weeks ago, Alan gave me all sorts of hell. All the "old grandpa" jokes came out, so I was looking forward to getting my revenge last night.

The tomatoes did make me think twice, but only for a split second. It's far too much fun to stand at the top of a hill and watch him cuss me!!!


K said...

My 4 year old loves to ask me if I am sweaty... now just the mere sight of me in running attire gives him reason to ask if I am sweaty...even before the run!
My older kids, they just run, hide, threaten to hurt me, and cover their faces if I get within 10 feet of them. Sometimes I just can't help myself and I sneak up behind them (thank you fb for the distraction) and give them a big old hug! To hear my almost 6 ft. tall 15 year old son scream like a 6 year old girl...priceless!

K said...

PS... Quinoa rocks!