Thursday, June 10, 2010


Americans love graduations. You pretty much graduate from everywhere - you simply can't get away from it. They love a good graduation ceremony almost as much as us Brits love "a nice cup of tea" (preferably with a couple of digestive biscuits (cookies) for dunking). I even remember our old dog "graduating" from dog training class (and yes, of course I heckled)!!!

Conversely, the only time I ever went to a graduation ceremony in good old Blighty was when I finished university (and even then my parents made me go). When we finished our equivalent of high school, the teachers were just happy to kick us out the door and be rid of us. We went back one morning during the holidays to pick up our exam results from the school office and that was pretty much it.

Anyway, the reason for this aside is that I am dipping my toes in Americana tomorrow as Gavin "graduates" from daycare (maybe I should bring apple pie??), and they are having a graduation ceremony at which he is responsible for reciting the months of the year. Nice, though perhaps he would be more at home (and much more entertaining) lecturing on the methodologies behind the destruction of vampires.

Seems much more his style somehow.

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