Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Cheating Vegetarian

I am in the middle of a world-cup inspired day off, and very glad I am to have taken it off too. As they're playing the final group games simultaneously, I had my work cut out this morning switching back and forth between the England and the USA games in group C. Very exciting - talk about leaving it to the last minute (literally).

I'm now sitting here ready for the next set of games (group D) to see who England and the USA will be playing in the next round. Could be any of Germany, Ghana and Serbia - more exciting stuff.

The house is filled with the delicious aroma of my lentil stew, which is simmering away nicely on the stove. I have some brown rice cooling in the fridge (to go into some Chinese fried rice), and a big batch of quinoa cooling in the pot (for lemon cumin quinoa salad with avocado). Going to be good eats for the next few days.

And you may have noticed that there is a distinct vegetarian look to the above dishes. The reason for that is that I've been reading a lot about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet - one that is high in whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

That's not to say that I'm going strictly vegetarian any time soon - I'm not going to cut off a vital protein source for Gavin and Dylan - it's just that I want to explore what effect a shift in emphasis toward these foods will have on my running and general well-being.

Funny story - I remember my parents once accused me of "going vegan" when I decided to stop eating deep fried foods.

To the best of my knowledge, a vegan is not somebody who decides to forego fish and chips.

However, I have discovered that there are several categories of vegetarian, based on whether they do or don't eat fish or eggs or dairy products or combinations thereof. I think the one that comes closest to me is flexitarian (or semi-veggie).

Though I much prefer my own terms - "cheating vegetarian", or "carnivore in disguise" - haha.

Ok, they're about to kickoff. Some good football and a big bowl of lentil stew is calling me.

If I'm really good, I may even get the bike trainer out while I watch it.


Cindy said...

It's the sport to watch if you have to run on a treadmill...I get accused of being a vegetarian because I like tofu. I especially like it sauteed with beef.

K said...

We had lentils tonight as well! And Quinoa is in the fridge. Share your lemon recipe! I loved the other one and have made it several times.

Flexitarian is another term you could adopt. I've been fairly vegan for 10 months now. Love it. Feel the difference in my running and in my daily life. I didn't go this route to safe the animals or the environment, but I do give that a bit more respect since I've embraced the eating style.

I love how much you enjoy good food! I do too!

Mark said...

Cindy - lmao, that sounds like something I would say :-)

K - a friend once told me that the more time and care you take to prepare good food, you more you enjoy and appreciate it, and I think that's exactly right. It's also fun to experiment (even if it doesn't always turn out according to plan).

Btw, I think the quinoa recipe is the same one you already have.

K said...

The recipe I have contains apricots, not lemon...must share! Please?

Mark said...

Yes, that's the one - you just add the juice and zest of one lemon to the olive oil/cumin/paprika/salt mixture.

Though I am going to play around with some different quinoa flavor combos this weekend.