Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silly Season

One of the great things about a British general election campaign is that it's never dull, and this year is especially so as it seems increasingly likely to result in a close election and a hung parliament. And while I make it a rule to never discuss politics on this blog, I feel it would be amiss of me if I didn't mention a few things about the "silly season" of British politics.

The British have a different, far more direct approach to electioneering (and protesting) than the Americans, and this involves a lot of unscripted interaction with the public (and all the dangers this entails). John Major used to relish this, and often carried a soapbox around with him during election season - he would stand on it and interact directly with the voters (as well as confront and argue with hecklers).

But one of the cherished British election traditions is the throwing of eggs by disgruntled voters. This happened to Conservative leader David Cameron this week, and to me the first good egg pelting of the season is always a sign that the election is well and truly underway (though the best example occurred in 2001 when then-deputy Prime Minister John "two jabs" Prescott was pelted with eggs, turned around and gave the egg thrower a "good thumping" - great stuff).

For the record, I really like Cameron - he's quick witted, fast on his feet, and regularly got the better of Prime Minister Brown in their weekly clashes in the commons.

And the way he "unmasked" the chicken that one of the tabloids had sent to follow him around recently was just classic Cameron.


Cindy said...

I watched a parliment session on the BBC once and it was like watching Monty Python.

brendaontheRun said...

Oh the things I miss from good ol' Blighty! Thanks for reminding me how hilarious we are.