Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revenge of the Road Runner

It's a classic twist on the old cartoon that could only happen in Texas - a Wile-E coyote gunned down by a road runner. It seemed that many years of persistence were about to pay off, but unfortunately for Wile-E the road runner in question was Texas governor Rick Perry.

According to the AP, pistol packing Perry was out on his early morning run in South Austin when he encountered the wee beastie who started menacing his dog. Fortuitously, being a Texan he was carrying every runners' essentials - water, gel, cell phone, laser-sighted .380 Ruger.......

Needless to say, the coyote was swiftly dispatched "to where coyotes go". Honestly, I'm not making this stuff up - you can read more about the story here (lots of great quotes and a hilarious (though unrelated) picture).

Though I have to say I actually like Perry - he's very much into the local running scene, and has always been super nice whenever I've run into him.

And of course, he has famously magnificent hair.

But my favorite recollection of Perry involves Gavin. Yes, my then three-year-old anarchist actually head butted him in the stomach while running full tilt round a corner before the start of a local triathlon in which the guv was competing.

Fair play to him, he took it well - and the hair didn't move an inch!!!

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