Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graveyard of Cancelled TV Shows

I was browsing through the TV channels tonight and I happened upon a show starring Mark Valley. I recognized him immediately from a series a few years back called Keen Eddie where he played a New York cop who was sent to London and assigned to Scotland Yard. This was one of those edgy shows with great writing, characters and plotlines that was axed after only a few episodes. I sometimes wonder what the network executives are thinking when great shows like this are canned and others that are absolute drivel keep coming back year after year.

I guess that was around the time that reality TV was gearing up, and something had to give, but why some of the best shows around? Am I that out of step with mainstream America?

Another great show that suffered the same fate was Wonderfalls. It was a really quirky and witty series with a wonderfully sarcastic and offbeat main character - a complete slacker who works in a tourist shop at Niagara Falls and suddenly finds herself being ordered around by talking toy animals who only she can hear, often with unexpected results. Original and unpredictable, Nancy and I loved it, yet it was canned after only 4 episodes.

Thankfully they released all 13 episodes that had been made on DVD. And yes, we bought it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

What do you guys think? Any of your favorite TV shows died before their time?

Here in Austin, Oak pollen has gone through the roof this week. I don't usually suffer from allergies, but this stuff is everywhere. I made the mistake of mowing my yard last night and I've been feeling it ever since - congestion, sneezing, red eyes, the whole nine yards.

What can I say? It sucks!!!

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