Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deep Dishes and Wonderful Wobblies

This was today's pizza experiment - Chicago deep dish. I think I've only ever had deep dish one time before, so it really was a trip into the unknown. I was only planning on making one pie, but I severely overestimated how much dough I needed, and ended up with enough for two 10" pies, but they were really good. The one in the back is Italian sausage that I rolled out to a circle (yes, I know I should have layered it beneath the tomato), and the one in front is a straight tomato and cheese. You can bet I'll be taking a few slices to work tomorrow for lunch!!!

The sourdough paninis also turned out great (though one of my saltillo tiles cracked while baking the bread, so I think I'm going to cough up the dough (pun intended) and invest in a kick ass FibraMent baking stone). I had a bacon, egg and cheese one yesterday and a yummy chocolate, banana and peanut butter one today.

But enough of good eats. As well as eating, I did do some running this weekend too.

A buddy of mine came into town on Saturday and I'd arranged to meet him early doors to run some hills. I'd been dealing with some chest congestion, which peaked in coughing fits on Friday evening, so I didn't know how well I was going to be able to handle hills. By Saturday morning I'd lost my voice too, as amusingly evidenced by my croaking claim to my buddy that I was feeling much better.

And sure enough I felt the first major climb we came to. You can't hammer hills without sufficient oxygen in your muscles, and the chest congestion and coughing was severely hampering my breathing. I still hit it pretty hard, and felt quite lightheaded by the top. But a blast of cold water over the head put an end to that nonsense, and on we went. We took a fairly easy pace, chatted away and caught up on what's been going on with each other. It was an enjoyable run.

We did 10 miles of road hills and then hit the trails for another 4. It was a bit of a wobbly run, but I felt pleased with myself at the end - it's always a good feeling to stick with it when things aren't going 100% and come out the other end.

That's why I call it a wonderful wobbly!!!

This morning we were supposed to go to Bastrop State park to do some hiking, but it was raining so we decided to do some planting instead. We got in some tomatoes, mint, parsley, oregano, basil, cilantro and chives.

They will make for some good eats this summer if I manage not to kill 'em all!!!

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Derek said...

I love deep dish pizza and yours look great!