Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save Our School

Yes, I know this post is way outside my normal purview, but this is an issue very close to my heart and we need all the help we can get.

Last year I stood in line for 24 hours outside Austin ISD to get my son transferred to the historic Pease elementary - the district's only all-transfer school and one of the best schools in the State.  Now, due to budget cuts an Austin ISD task force is recommending the closure of nine top performing schools, including Pease.

Academic performance was not a consideration.

They plan to lease the building to a private charter school.

Founded in 1876, Pease elementary is the oldest continually operating public school in Texas. Its halls resound with a sense of history, it's rated as exemplary (the highest rating a school can be given) and is just a wonderful and nurturing environment that brings the best out of its students.  It is unique in that it integrates students from all over Austin and is probably the most diverse campus in the district.

If you value good education in Austin, or support the preservation of local history, please sign the petition protesting its recommended closure and help spread the word (note that after you sign the petition, a screen pops up that requests donations to the ipetition site - please be aware that this is not required).

It may not do any good, but we owe it to our kids and future generations to give them the best education we possibly can.  I'm sorry, but closing top performing schools does not make any sense - our kids deserve better, and they're being shortchanged.

There has to be a better way.

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