Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hip, Hale and Hearty

Because when I arrive,
I, I'll bring the fire

- Let it Rock (Kevin Rudolf)
I woke up on Sunday with the hip nagging at me, but ran 8 miles anyway.  It felt better the longer I went, but once I got home it got a lot worse - to the point where I could barely walk, it was painful to sit on my left side, and getting up from the floor was somewhat problematic (maybe I'm getting a sneak preview of my old age, and it's not pretty!!!).

So by Sunday evening I'd had enough and decided to do something about it.  I gritted my teeth and held half lotus until I felt I'd well and truly stretched it out.  Then I lay down, dug my fingers right into pain central and held them there until the muscle started to relax.  Then I got Nancy to work her elbows into it (which she described as "wonderful therapy").

And it seemed to work because I immediately felt a better range of motion.  I have been stretching regularly, repeated the same treatment last night, and today it feels a good bit better.

I can actually cross my leg to take my shoe off again.  Hooray for progress.

So I'm hopeful with continued digging it will come good.  And here's the thing - my brain is really wired wrong, because this little injury scare has relit a fire under me for this race.  Especially when I found out that ultra legends Karl Metzer, Anton Krupicka, Scott Jurek and Hal Koerner have all signed up.

I am determined to only let them lap me once :-)

But for now I'm off to figure out how to jerry-rig an autograph book to my handheld!!!

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