Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Road to Rocky (week 5 of 10)

Welcome to 2011.  I'm planning to hit the New Year with a bang in the form of the first of three consecutive Saturday 30 milers.

We're 6 weeks away from race day - it's time to kick it into high gear.

DateSaturday January 1st
Planam - 30 miles
pm - nothing
Outcome5am - 49F.  Did the 30 miles in 4:16:39 (8:33 average pace), including a 3:40 for the marathon distance.

DateSunday January 2nd
Planam - 15 miles
pm - Yoga
Outcome7:30am - 28F, brrrr.  As I ran 15 on Friday and 30 yesterday I opted to enjoy an extra hour in bed this morning instead of the road portion, and just do a hard pace run on trail instead.  It worked as I ran the technical and hilly 5 mile Ken's loop in just under 50 minutes. I attacked all the uphills and it felt wonderful - no soreness at all from yesterday.

pm - no yoga tonight thanks to a combination of the Ashes cricket and a rather nice bottle of pinot noir

 DateMonday January 3rd
Planam - Nothing
pm - Strength workout (1 hour)
Outcomepm - did my hour of strength and ab work

DateTuesday January 4th
Planam - 10 miles
pm - Strength workout (1 hour)
Outcome4:30am - 50F, nice.  Ran 10 miles in 1:15:23 (7:32 average).  Ran relaxed and felt great

pm - nope, busy smoking a brisket and making dessert for my dad's birthday

DateWednesday January 5th
Planam - nothing
pm - Bicycle trainer (30 minutes)
Outcomenope - celebrated my dad's birthday instead

DateThursday January 6th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Yoga (1 hour)
OutcomeNope - that's three days in a row I've skipped.  Naughty me!!!

DateFriday January 7th
Planam - 8 miles
pm - Nothing
Outcome5am - 44F.  Finally got back to a workout.  Ran a nice 8 miler around Mueller.


K said...

3 consecutive 30s. That's something I should have considered. Instead I did 30/15/40/20 with back to backs on the next day after the long run. I am not sure if I am doing things "right" or not. Guess we will find out in a few weeks! LOL

Happy New Year, Mark!

Mark said...

Hey Karen. Have faith in your plan - it sounds pretty solid to me. I'm sure the 30 and the 40 will set you up for a great race.

And a Happy New Year to you too!!!