Friday, September 3, 2010

Tearing it Up

There are days when life stresses seem to come at you from everywhere and you need some kind of release valve. My solution when this happens is to throw some workout clothes on and tear it the f*** up (pardon my French).

Such was the case on Wednesday, so when Dylan went down for a nap that evening I launched myself into one of my new strength workouts and really went for it. There's nothing quite as good as a workout fueled by aggression, and I hammered it. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, curls, presses, extensions, raises, one leg, two legs, combos. All manner of variations, from one to the other, no respite, over and over, faster and faster. Hold, pulse, fast. Go go go.

By the time Dylan woke up an hour later, my legs were shaking, all the twitch fibers in my arms were firing and I was a sweating pile of jello.

But I felt great.

Then I woke up yesterday and my hamstrings, butt and shoulders were not so great :-)

So I did (the somewhat pompously named) "Yoga for the Warrior" last night that really helped. There were some poses (especially the balance ones) that I couldn't do (just how far can you hop across the living room trying to keep your balance before admitting defeat), but it was a wonderfully relaxing and stretching workout - one of those where you get a glow halfway through and feel better and stronger the more you do.

I'm still a little sore today but it feels good, you know?

And after another week of heat and humidity, the weather is supposed to drop into the 60s for my early morning run tomorrow.

Gotta like that.

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Anonymous said...

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