Saturday, September 4, 2010

7 Years Bad Luck

They say that it's 7 years bad luck to break a mirror, so what do you think I get for smashing the heck out of this rather nice one?

Until earlier today it hung very elegantly over our fireplace. Now not so much.

The funny thing is that after it fell (and made one heck of a crash on its way down), Gavin stood there, looked at it, looked at me, shook his head, and with a deadpan expression said "wow daddy, and you call me clumsy".

Thanks Gavinator.

He also said that he wasn't mad with me "because you'll get enough of that from mummy".

Very kind of him.

I did relay that story which helped reduce my sentence somewhat.

Actually, I think Nancy is looking forward to shopping for another one :-)


Since I smashed the mirror this afternoon, the following things have occurred:

1. I discovered a decapitated and dismembered (severed leg) action figure of Gavin's - obviously a casualty of the mirror

2. I exploded a bottle of Dr Pepper all over the kitchen

3. I dropped most of the gourmet sourdough grilled sandwiches I'd made for everyone's supper onto the floor

4. I knocked the salt and pepper shakers onto the floor. Of course they both shattered. Of course they were both full.

5. I threw some of the spilled salt over my left shoulder and then couldn't remember if that was supposed to cancel out the bad luck or double it!!!

6. I was peed on while changing Dylan's blowout diaper in what was obviously a premeditated retaliation for his brother's action figure.

I'm going to have a beer. And try really hard not to drop it!!!


K said...

Sorry to hear about your day! I have those type around here more often than I would care to admit.

For instance yesterday, I burned my finger. While straightening my hair. But not on the straightener, rather, on my hair. The actual hair. It was that hot. My kids kept reminding me it was because I am such a "hot head". Love them. Really I do!
Then I pulled up on the faucet to wash my hands and somehow ended up with a glorious bruise on the inside of my other finger. Not sure what I did, but apparently, turning on a faucet can be hazardous to some folks.
After several other mishaps during the day, I was quite relieved to make it to the bed safely. Here's to a less accident-ridden day today!
Keep away from the knives, Mark!

Mark said...

You burnt your fingers on your hair!!!!!!?? That's hilarious.

I guess there was a lot of bad karma about yesterday. Hope we both have better days today.