Sunday, May 16, 2010


My weekend started with a flash of lightning that greeted my 5am alarm clock on Saturday morning. My still half-asleep brain registered the claps of thunder and the sound of the rain and concluded that the run we'd planned would be a non-starter. When I opened my eyes again, time had marched on and the storms had passed. Whoops. Heaping helpings of humble pie and apologies to the friends I was supposed to meet - hope you had a great run and didn't wait too long for me. I'm not usually that unreliable!!!

In an attempt to atone for my laziness I decided to do some weights instead, and I did 2 hours of circuits - an hour with weights and then an hour of plyometrics. By the end I was soaked with sweat and had learned my lesson - next time I won't be so lazy and will actually go run!!!

This morning I vowed not to repeat my mistake and jumped out of bed with the alarm for 10 miles of hills around Ladera Norte. I met a couple of friends and enjoyed a beautiful morning of good running and great company.

A large part of the rest of the weekend was taken up with my continuing adventures in baking. My uber-expensive baking stone arrived on Thursday, and I was keen to try it out so I made these wonderful Italian sourdough subs from the excellent wildyeast blog. I filled them with homemade baked meatballs (made with extra lean sirloin) topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. They were a big hit, and even Dylan joined in - he devoured a whole meatball by himself.

Today I'm experimenting with hamburger buns (which will be used to house some garlic pork tenderloin), and calzones (made with one of my pizza dough recipes - just another excuse to toss pizza dough really).

On Friday night I broke my spaghetti cutter in the middle of hand-cranking some pasta for supper (luckily I also have a fettuccine cutter so supper was a mix of the two). I took the thing apart and I don't think it's fixable, so I ended up ordering a new cutter online.

I love my fresh pasta (dried is nowhere near as good), and hope it doesn't take too long to arrive.

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