Wednesday, May 12, 2010


While we're renting this body, the least we can do is maintain it

I've been doing really well since I shifted back into training mode this month. I'm not putting in anywhere near the number of miles I did last year, but I feel I'm working out smarter. I've been doing yoga, plyometrics and weights, and I've been working out with Nancy after the boys go to bed. That's been a big boost for me because I really enjoy working out with her - we have a lot of fun and are both competitive with each other (plus I have a tendency to want to show off for her) which means I push myself harder than I otherwise would.

That also means I haven't had much time to update the blog, but I must be doing something right because I'm down to 148lbs, and still eating like a pig.

Last Saturday I met some friends I haven't seen in a while for a hilly run around Stratford and Scenic. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to keep up since I hadn't been running too much distance, but I felt great and really enjoyed the run (and yes, if the girls hadn't pointed it out I really wouldn't have noticed that the cyclist who passed us on Scenic was a certain Lance Armstrong).

Monday night I had a super run up at Bull Creek with some other friends, and ran faster than I have for a while (even faster after I'd vaulted a couple of snakes). I set a steady pace running up the switchbacks, and then opened it up along the top ridge before finishing off with a fast loop around the flats.

Tonight I went up to Walnut Creek and did a combination of speed and hill intervals on a series of short enclosed loops. It was a great workout, but to my surprise I noticed they'd put up a bunch of "no entry/no trespass" signs all around one of the main trail intersections. WTF? Is Walnut Creek about to go the same way as the old Ken's Loop?

I hope not.

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