Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Much for That

When I crossed the finish line at a very hot Boston a few weeks ago, I was more than ready to draw the line under my marathon running for a while.  The lure of the 26.2 beast had receded, thanks in no small part to running my perfect race in Dallas a few years ago (when you know you finally succeeded in pulling your only rabbit out of the hat, why keep going back to the hat?).

And nothing that's happened since I got back to Austin had changed that - I've been traveling for work, and when I have run it's been of the "suck it up" hot and humid variety that reminds me Texas summertime is coming.

But I did not count on the dangers of an unseasonably cool running week.  It started with one of my all time favorite runs at Brushy Creek on a rainy Sunday morning which included a spectacular blood red sunrise, continued into a surprisingly quick (though still somewhat humid) Tuesday run with James, and ended with a fun 7 mile run in Clea's new neighborhood this morning.  I stopped off at the YMCA on my way home to get in a killer leg workout, and took advantage of not traveling this week to squeeze in a core workout at lunch.

And I feel great.  So great that I started re-evaluating my race plans, and realized I'm not quite ready to shed the skin of the long distance runner and morph back into a weekend warrior just yet.

So I signed up for something.  After all, what good is a running blog without any races?!!!

The photo below may give you a hint of what I signed up for.

I have my eye on another race too, but maybe the hot and humid weather will return and bring me back to my senses before registration opens for that one.


K said...

YAY! Enjoy the training!

sophia blue said...

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