Monday, April 23, 2012

Salty Lakes and Mountains

The Wasatch mountains
There's something about the mountains that pulls at your soul. Greetings from Salt Lake City, an exceptionally pretty city where I happen to be working this week.  I am sitting here listening to the Gaslight Anthem and gazing out my hotel window.  Look at the view that greeted me when I stepped outside this morning.  How can you fail to be inspired by this?

Let me tell you how.  You put in a 10 hour day on a client site, having gotten to the hotel at 1am the night before (or should that be morning of) to start working on recovering the laptop that crashed in the airport with all your presentations on it (fixed it - yay), then fallen into bed at 3am and found yourself unable to sleep until about 5 minutes before your alarm goes off.  I don't know why that should be any different though - I haven't been able to sleep since the night before Boston.

The Utah State capital. Another dome to add to my collection of State capitals.
But on the other hand, today I got to meet a morman called Norman.  Do you know how many years I've wondered if one really existed?  Now if only I could meet Herman the German I could die a happy man!!!

Not much happening on the running front - I've only run once since Boston, and that a leisurely solo 8 mile Jefferson on Saturday morning.  I don't know if I'm going to be signing up for any races anytime soon, though I did catch myself poking through the other night!!!

What I have been doing is getting some great reading done.  I ploughed through "A Night to Remember" and Bill Bryson's "Walk in the Woods" while in Boston (the former was the story of the last hours of the Titanic - I read it on the 100th anniversary of the sinking), then I ran through "Catching Fire" again, and now I'm embroiled in the story of the assassination of President Lincoln.

Finally, here's a picture I snapped at the airport in Vegas last night.  I stood in front of it for a good 5 minutes with a kind of bemused smirk on my face.

Finish this sentence for me - "you may be a redneck if ........".

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