Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Running Stuff

Gavin at Bull Creek

Who doesn't like getting running stuff in the mail.  I just got a nice big order from Running Warehouse - shirts, shorts, socks and a foam roller.  Since almost every running sock I own seems to have a hole in the toe, that was a long overdue addition.  I treated myself to a couple of pairs of Adidas shorts because they are much lighter than the Nikes I've been wearing for the past few years, and have the added bonus of a back pocket.  Likewise, a couple of Adidas shirts - the same cut as the "Marathon Talk" shirt I got a few weeks ago, which I love.

I tried the shorts and shirt out on this morning's 15 miler, and was very pleased with both.  It was a muggy old day, but the lightweight shirt kept me comfortable, and the shorts were very comfortable.  I think I have some new favorite running attire.

So I'm sitting here with my right foot in a bowl of ice water, watching the Lord of the Rings with Gavin.  We had a great afternoon together - we hiked and ran 5 miles of the hilly trails of Bull Creek, gathered a fine collection of sticks and discussed elves, goblins and dwarves in great detail.

It was awesome.

But it didn't do much for my painful foot, which bothered me a little more than I wanted on this morning's run.  It's like a bruise on the ball of my foot that refuses to go away.

But it needs to be gone.  Because there are 2 weeks to Boston, and come hell or high water I want to run a good 26.2.

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