Monday, March 12, 2012

The Road to Boston (week 11 of 16)

This is the month that will either make or break my Boston race, so it's time to pull out the stops, knuckle down and do some hard work.  I'm finally back home for a decent stretch, and newly armed with a couple of new workout dvds.  Bring it on.

Saturday March 10th
5:10am, 45F and rainy.  Did 18 miles in 2:34:37 (8:35 average).

Sunday March 11th
5:30am, 55F, pouring rain and stormy.  Since this clocks went forward last night, this was a particularly early start.  Had a point in this run where I could have cut it short to 7 miles, but happy to report I kept with my original plan and continued for the extra mile.  Yay me!!!  8 miles in 1:06:54 (8:21 average) - not bad for a recovery run.

9pm.  50 minutes of core work.  Gavin joined in with me, and we had a good time working out together.
Monday March 12th
9pm.  60 minutes of circuit training.  Earned a good bit of sweat equity for Boston tonight with a good hard workout.  Sweated through my shoes for the first time since running through last summer's heat.  Concentrated on lots of variations of squats, lunges and jumps.  Really pushed it, and it felt great.  Tired but happy.

Wednesday March 14th
5am, 68F and muggy.   Was supposed to run 10 yesterday, but was awake with a "not quite feeling himself and wants his dad" Dylan instead.  Wanted to make up for it by meeting James for a pace run this morning.  Did 7 miles in 54:50 (7:50 average).  Not as fast I would have liked, but I'll still take a sub-7.

5pm.  Did an hour of kettlebell swings, squats and holds.  Legs like rubber, back really tight, sweat pouring off, sweated through my shoes again.  Paying my entry fee for Boston right here.

Thursday March 15th
 5am, 68F and muggy.  7 miles with Clea this morning.  Legs still sore from last night, but got better the further we went (possibly fueled by the conversation about closets and cockney rhyming slang).  Ran 58:44 (8:23 average).

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