Saturday, October 30, 2010

No Cactii Here

This time last year I was in the middle of the Cactus Rose 100 mile race. I must admit to a certain smugness when I was driving downtown for my run this morning and realized this year's race was about to start - I'm glad I'm not running it this year.

One of the things I missed last year was the chance to go trick or treating with my boys, and I'm going to make up for it this year. We always sit outside with our cauldron of candy (and sometimes a glass of wine) and I think Gavin enjoys handing out just as much as collecting.

Behold this year's costumes (and please note that Gavin has laid claim to my Frankenthon socks!!!!!).

Friday night we went to Hootenanny at Gavin's school. They had all kinds of games, a haunted house, and were celebrating the 134th birthday of the school. I had volunteered for a stint on the kindergarten "duck pond" stall, and then we wandered around partaking of all the fun. It was really cool to see Gavin interact with all his friends.

And I swear that kid knows everyone in the school.

At one point his principal (she was dressed as Mr Potato Head) came over to congratulate us on Gavin winning "Student of the Week" honors. Apparently he'd had a big presentation in morning assembly.

Of course he hadn't told us anything!!!!

This morning was probably the first really cold day of the season. It was 45F when Clea and I started running, and it was wonderful. We did 4 miles before meeting up with the Scooby gang for the rest of the run.

Big thanks to Clea for interrupting her Frankenthon recovery to meet me early for extra miles as I get ready for White Rock.

And my aim from now until White Rock is to do almost every run at or below an 8 minute mile pace. Frank is in the same place as me, so we fell in together and just took off. I don't think we ran a single mile slower than 8:00, and finished up our run averaging 7:50/mile (including stops at various intersections).

I have put together a training plan for White Rock - it includes long runs, midweek runs (getting my lazy butt out of bed), cycling, weights, tabata and yoga. I have posted it on the refrigerator so I can cross off each workout as I do it, and/or be reminded of how much I'm slacking every time I go to get a beer.

Makes me a lot more accountable somehow.

Nancy's Aunt and cousin are visiting this weekend to give us a break from her dad. I have to say, they don't put up with any of his nonsense and really laid the law down to him about his attitude. They also made him do more things for himself instead of his demanding to be served.

Of course, he's mad at all of us for that. But hey, he's mad at us most of the time anyway.

So we were actually able to go on a very rare family outing this afternoon, and we took the boys to the pumpkin hunt at Evergreen farms. We got to ride the wagon into the Christmas tree fields to hunt for pumpkins, played with the pumpkin launcher, the maze, the fishing pond and any number of other activities.

Here we are riding in the wagon.

We bought a nice large pumpkin home to carve (I am working away on it at the beginning of this post). I thought it turned out really well, but I'll post the photographic evidence tomorrow and let you decide.

Tonight I made some really good apple crumble (with rum) for dessert. It went down a treat, and should at least ensure everyone sleeps well :-)

Danish run planned for the morning.

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