Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tour de Grocery Store

So I got back from Brownwood on Sunday night and we needed a few things from the grocery store. The boys were tired, so I let Nancy put them to bed while I jumped back in the car and headed up the road.

I was wearing cargo shorts, Livestrong hat, a random tech running shirt, old running shoes and feeling grimy and unshaven as I skittled around the store. I picked up the items we needed and made my way to the checkouts. As I unloaded my purchases onto the belt, I overheard one of the bag packers exclaim "oh my God, it's him". I looked up and saw a few of them looking at me and nudging each other.

Odd, thinks I.

I chatted and joked idly with the checkout guy as he was ringing up my purchases, and glanced round every now and again to see my packer bagging the groceries while staring at me open-mouthed.

Very strange indeed.

Our transaction complete, I thanked them and started to push my trolley away when the bag packer stepped up to me and said "dude, I think you're awesome".

All righty.

Then he added "I've followed the tour for years", and glanced up at my cap.

And then it clicked.

Not wanting to spoil their moment, I muttered something like "thanks very much", flashed him a smile and walked away. As I went, I heard him tell the mystified cashier "dude, you just served Lance Armstrong and you didn't even notice?"

I just about killed myself laughing.

I wonder if they thought it strange that "Lance Armstrong" was buying a big tub of cappuccino chocolate chip ice cream!!!


K said...

I'm sure you did Lance proud...actually, I am willing to bet you did him better!

Still praying for you all!

Derek said...

That is so cool. The guy will remember that day for the rest of his life!

clea said...

Cool, I've now run run with Lance more than once!