Sunday, August 15, 2010


It seems like my running has gone to the dogs. Since I can't run during the week, it's all on my weekend run and I just don't have it right now. Physically, and more importantly mentally, I'm not in the game.

And the heat and humidity don't help. I don't run well in the heat anyway, and yesterday was particularly bad - what I lovingly refer to as liquid breathing. I'd planned 15 miles with Clea, but I ended up stopping at 12. Interestingly, I weighed myself before I left the house, and again when I got back. I started the run at 151lbs and finished it at 145lbs. That's over 6lbs lost in less than two hours - no wonder I felt drained.

And it's not as if I wasn't drinking. I emptied both my 20oz handheld bottles (half water and half gatorade) during the run and guzzled another 20oz water when I got back to the car, but apparently that wasn't enough.

I wonder if I need to start using salt caps. I hate using anything else on training runs, but I may have to cave in.

This morning I did another 8 miles - I did fine, but still felt drained.

No excuses on my part - I'm doing what I can under the circumstances. And I don't think it'll take that long to whip my sorry butt back into shape when I can get a regular schedule going again.

On the plus side, for the last two weekends I've managed to keep pace with a real kick ass runner for over 10 miles on virtually zero training, so it's not all bad (though I suspect she held back a little for me).

I also heard back from the folks at Round Rock Fit and they told me that rather than having me back out completely they were going to hold my coaching spot open for me. They told me to make it out if and when I could, which made me feel better. I've known them for years and hated to let them down, but they're really supportive - I got into running through them, and they've seen me develop from a 10-11 minute miler. I enjoy the coaching and always have a great rapport with my group - I tend to be chatty, have lots of funny stories (laced with some good old British sarcasm of course) and make a bunch of new friends every year.

Back in the real world, Nancy's dad seems to be doing better. He had a few setbacks over the last few days, but they're hoping to start rehab soon (if he cooperates). There's also the possibility of transferring him to Austin later in the week which would make things a lot easier.

Nancy's heading back to Brownwood today. It's been nice having her home for a few days, and we're going to miss her.

Yesterday we went furniture shopping for bunk beds for the boys. I hate going into furniture stores - it's like swimming in shark infested waters with the sales sharks constantly circling and following you around.

And if I hear one more time that there's a "never to be repeated" discount that's only good for today I'm going to slap them silly with a wet banana.

Having said that, we did find some really cool beds we (and more importantly Gavin) liked. There was even one done up like a fort.

I don't think we'd have room for that one, but Gavin certainly liked it.

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clea said...

Not sure who you ran with. "Kick ass runner"...hmmm, no comment. As to feeling "flat", some ideas:

You just have a lot of life stress right now, and just getting in the miles and not worrying about pace may be good enough.

We just hit triple digits. It's been pretty mild all summer, and our last couple runs have been 80 degrees and about 90% humidity.

Nutrition. Never deprive yourself in this heat. I think 99% of my bonks are nutrition related. I love the gummies/ bloks/ jelly beans, because I can constantly nibble on something for the whole run.

I am thankful to have a partner and I think you've been doing great. Hang in there!