Sunday, August 1, 2010

Attack of the Killer Ants

It's been a quiet week on the running front. I didn't run at all early in the week, partly due to thunder and lightning and partly due to the fact that running all night messes up your sleep schedule (in other words, I decided to sleep in)!!!

Though I did manage a few miles at Walnut Creek on Thursday and felt pretty good.

Yesterday morning I did a nice hilly 13 miles with Clea. We set a good pace (considering the humidity), and I was certainly puffing a bit by the end (thankfully she confessed this morning that she was feeling it too)!!! Because we started so early, I was able to get home early to mow the grass before it got too hot (our first 100F+ weekend).

And that's where things got a bit interesting. I didn't notice a huge ants nest until I was right on top of it, and there were a swarm of ants crawling up my legs and biting the crap out of me. Have I mentioned that I am very allergic to ant bites? I jumped about, tried to slap them off and ended up running into the house and straight into the shower - I swear I must have looked like Charlie Chaplin with all my antics.

Kudos to Nancy for finishing the grass cutting for me.

This morning my ankles and legs were covered in bites and they're super swollen. I ran 8 miles without any problems, but had to tape my ankles before I left the house - they were rubbing so much against my shoes they would have become a problem otherwise.

Let's just say I will never be a big fan of ants. Despite Pixar's best efforts, I am definitely in the corner of the grasshoppers!!!

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Caroline said...

Molasses....turns out fire ants hate it. Can give you more info on our next run.