Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nobody likes Soppy Cowboys

I recently filled my ipod up with country music. I don't know why - maybe living in Texas is starting to have a subliminal effect on my musical tastes, or maybe it was just a moment of madness. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of country music is kinda foot-tapping catchy, I often get the songs stuck in my head ("El Paso" and "Small Town, Saturday Night" are recent examples), and I love Carrie Underwood as much as the next guy.

But man oh man, the list of incredibly bad country songs is unbelievably long. There are so many examples that need to be consigned to musical hell, and topping the list are the "mushy" country love songs. Oh good God, the infeasibly awful lyrics and the image of soppy cowboys crying into their hats is just too much.

So here's my message to all you wanna-be-lonesome country wailers out there - pull yourselves together and cowboy up.

Because nobody likes soppy cowboys!!!

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