Sunday, March 28, 2010

Battle of Wits

Empty diaper boxes make great go-karts!!!

It matters not whether you win, but how you played the game. Or so they say. Having quit pitting wits against Gavin (he has inherited all my cunning ways and improved upon them, thus ensuring he is genetically disposed to outwitting me), Dylan has now started challenging me.

The result is about the same.

Nancy was away in San Antonio again this weekend, so it was another "boys only" weekend. This one consisted mostly of long walks, a few little trips, tons of horsing around (see picture above), and late night classic horror movies for me and the Gavster (Gavin is now prowling around the house pretending to be Lon Chaney Jr's Wolfman).

Gavin was brilliant this weekend, always eager to help look after his little brother, and he relished the role of being "daddy's boy". When we finally got Dylan to go down for a nap, we even managed to get in two workouts together (he's really good at surrenders), and made plans to do a few miles of trail running together at Walnut Creek one evening this week.

And Dylan has suddenly become a lot more active too. I discovered three new things about him this weekend. For a start, his first tooth has come through (it's on the front in the bottom). Secondly he finally started saying "dada" (I had to concede first word bragging rights to Nancy and "mamma" a long time ago). And finally, he's just as cunning as his brother.

His new favorite activity is scooting across the living room to climb up by the TV, press buttons and slam the screen. He looks back over his shoulder and laughs while doing this, just to make sure I'm watching. Because he wants me to catch him, pick him up by the back of his shirt, swing him around and "fly" him back across the living room. Then once my attention is diverted to putting the TV right, he's off toward the kitchen like a fugitive heading for the border.

Once I apprehend him from the kitchen, he comes out with a growl of frustration, shoots me a cheeky grin and the whole cycle starts over (with the exception of a few variations and red herrings he has devised to keep me on my toes).

Can you see why I'm in such good shape all of a sudden?

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