Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where do Weekends go?

Ah, the end of another weekend. How quickly they come, and how quickly they go. I have become a night owl and am feeling the effects of sleep deprivation due to many late nights occupied with one project or another, so the sensible thing to do would be to go to bed. Yes, that's why I'm sitting here with my laptop open updating my blog.

Today was the Maze trail race here in Austin - a 10k and 30k run at Walnut Creek, one of my regular running haunts. I didn't run the race, but I did help out with course marking last night and got to catch up with some folks I haven't seen in a while which was fun. Also rolled my ankle again, which was not so much fun.

As an aside, I have my eye on running a potential new 100 mile race in New Mexico next spring and was glad to get some intel that suggests the race is still very much a possibility.

Anyway, I got back home to find Nancy watching the movie "Twilight". I watched it for a while, and my God it was awful. The main vampire dude had eyebrows like a bushy bandit, and acting skills to match (Nancy swears the books are much better, though I think I'll stick with the Sookie Stackhouse series - now there's some good old redneck "down in the dirt" Southern vampires with a good dose of self deprecating humor). "They were duking it out on the frontage road" So I gave up and checked my email to find a message from some friends about a change of location for this morning's run.

So I got up bright and early and made my way downtown to the Mexican Culture center. As I got off the interstate, I noticed two cars pulled sideways on the frontage road blocking most of the lanes. A few motorists were stuck behind them, and there were three or four guys from said vehicles duking it out right there on the frontage road. I don't know what they were scrapping over, so I just sat in bemusement for a few minutes and watched the fight - it was mildy entertaining. Now when I first moved to the US, this is what I thought Texas was all about - the only thing missing were their horses!!! But then some of the cars discovered they could squeeze through half a lane, and I followed suit.

Got to the Mexican Culture center and there's nobody around. Figured I'd call my friends to see what was going on, but realized I'd left my phone at home. Yeah, it was shaping up to be that kind of day. I drove around for a while, then I just parked by the mulch trail and decided to get a few miles in by myself. It was probably just as well because my ankle was still sore from the night before and my heart really wasn't in it. I managed 8 miles though, and I did feel a lot better in the second half. Just as I got back to the car I spotted my friends finishing up their run, so I sneaked up behind them and surprised them. We all saw the funny side and got a good laugh out of it. And looking back, it really wasn't all that bad a run.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent playing bowling on the Wii. After hardly touching it since I won it last year, we loaded it up yesterday to discover Gavin loves the 10 pin bowling. And he's pretty good at it - his top score is 152, and he got a streak going in one game where he bowled 3 strikes in a row. I don't know how many games we played, but we had a blast.

Ok, it's time for me to wind this up and head off to bed. I have good intentions to go to bed early most nights, I really do. But it's already gone 11pm and I'm still here.

But not for long - goodnight.

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