Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures from the "Sweaty Twenty"

Meghan, Steve and Clea

me, Steve and Clea

These are the pictures from this morning's "Sweaty Twenty" run at Bastrop State Park (which actually finished anywhere between "Sweaty Fifteen" and "Sweaty Seventeen" for various participants). Four of us signed up for this "odyssey through the pines" which meanders up and down the rolling hills of the park road between Bastrop and Buescher State parks. This was planned as a fun run and it certainly lived up to its billing - the pace was relaxed, the group was fun, the scenery beautiful and a good time was had by all. Plenty of good conversation and laughs made it worth the early morning alarm clock.

At the end Clea had some "finishers awards" for us - a four pack of "Southern Star Pine Belt" pale ale each for Steve and myself and a nice bottle of wine for Meghan. I have two of them in the fridge and will enjoy them with supper. Much appreciated Clea.

(Incidentally, I thought the pine reference was very appropriate, but I just read the description on the side of the can and it is brewed using "high quality American two row and choice British crystal malts". So doubly appropriate - God save the Queen and God bless America!!!)

And best of all, we made it home before the storms hit, bringing torrential rain, thunder and lightning with them.

Although some people kinda enjoyed them!!!

Nancy and Gavin - the rain dancers

As for me, I'm off to enjoy some of the brownies that Nancy and Gavin made this morning. Tomorrow I have 25 miles of hills lined up and a super early start.

That may not be quite so much fun.

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