Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Embrace the Dark Side

Not all those who wander are lost
- J.R.R. Tolkein
No, I am not about to implement my dastardly plan for world domination (at least, not yet....), but if you keep track of my "upcoming races" menu, you may have noticed a few extra items that appeared in there today. This is because I just mailed off my entry form for all three races in Brad's Darkside series this August. I love the above Tolkein quote which was printed on the race shirt of one of last year's races where I managed to finish 4th overall (not as impressive as it sounds - a storm forced most sensible people to quit after a few loops). This year the format is a little different - they are each 60k distances instead of 12 hour times and are much closer together. Each race is at a different State park, they are each 2 weeks apart and all start at 7pm. I'm excited about this because I love running at night and they should be a good yardstick of where I am.

And where I am right now is very happy with another solid mileage day. I got up early to run 8.5 miles with Clea down at Mueller and met up with Marcia, Henry, Roger, Brandon, Naresh et al after work and got in another 6.5 on the greenbelt to give me 15 for the day. Let me just say that summer is definitely on the way because it was H-U-M-I-D. I drained both handhelds and wished I had more, but on the plus side I managed to find that "zone" for the last few miles where I disappear into my head and switch the running to auto-pilot.

And finally a quick reminder - the Saturday after next (16th) is the second running of the "Sweaty Twenty in the pines". So if you fancy running a few miles taking in beautiful scenery with good company, let me know.

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