Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When is a Rose not a Rose?

Running at Bandera back in January

When it's a Cactus Rose - "A nasty rugged trail run: No Whiners, Wimps, or Wusses. We give Bonus Points for Blood, Cuts, Scrapes, & Puke".

Nice - my response to a disappointing run is to challenge myself, so I just mailed off my entry form for the Cactus Rose 100 miler (yes Clea, looks like you won the bet). This race is on Halloween and will be my second 100 miler, though it's infinitely more difficult than my first. The completion rate is very low, the terrain is rocky, very hilly and the aid stations are self-manned and have only water - we have to supply everything else, so drop bag tactics are very important. These pictures are from the Bandera race, but it gives you some idea of the terrain (Cactus is run at the same location as Bandera, only it's an extra 38 miles and all the flat bits have been taken out). The cutoff is 36 hours and only one person has ever run it in under 24, so I'll be out there for a while.

Of course, if I complete Cactus Rose I would be very tempted to run the Bandera 100k and the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler too and complete the Tejas Trails 300 series. A nice little granite award would look very nice above my fireplace. Damn OCD!!!!

But that's still a ways off - right now I'm still looking forward to taking a break after the Seabrook marathon and a half this weekend (I need it). Then I need to start formulating a training plan that will get me ready for this beast. I'm thinking I need to focus on hills rather than speed, so there will be lots of squats, lunges and hill repeats on Jester, Ladera Norte, the Hill of Life and St. Eds.

Oh, and somewhere in all that there'll be a new baby too - they are excellent endurance builders!!!

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clea said...

I knew you would do it!! I might be in for at least the 50 miler. Let me know if you are up for a long greenbelt run next weekend.

good luck this weekend and have fun!