Monday, March 23, 2009

Mentally Refreshed

Ok, so I have a theory. Since I came back from the Seabrook marathon weekend my running has been great. All of the tiredness from the last month has completely ebbed away and I'm feeling strong again. I think that I'd been getting mentally stale, and just needed to rediscover running for the hell of it. Knowing that I don't have to get up early to run long both Saturday and Sunday makes such a difference - I may do it anyway, but the point is I don't have to.

And I probably won't be for the next few weeks since Nancy is going to be in San Antonio on Saturdays and Sundays, thus curtailing my weekend run (yep, that means boys-only weekends for the Gavster and me - lots of Batman, ice cream, silly fun and stuff that mummy doesn't let us get away with). So it will be 5am medium-distance runs or lie-ins. Hmmm, difficult choice. Maybe this is the enforced break I keep talking about and never taking? Then again maybe not - I suspect some days the run will win. And on those it doesn't? Well, there's always the shred.

Stay tuned for the beginnings of a training plan for the Cactus Rose 100. I'm on the sign-up list, so I guess it's official. I plan on incorporating quite a bit of cross training - lots of core, upper body work and hundreds of squats, lunges and variations thereof - in addition to the running.

I have a feeling that hills and me will become very good friends over the next few months.

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johnt said...

Yea, lots of X-training. I want to get a torso like Eugen Sandow.

That is torso work working for.