Thursday, March 12, 2009

RIP Sunmart

I learned this morning that the Sunmart 50k/50 mile race at Huntsville SP has passed into history. What a shame - Sunmart was my first ultra, it taught me that trail running was fun and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have very nostalgic memories of the race as it always seemed to kick off the Christmas season for me. Nancy, Gavin and I would drive up leisurely on the Friday and enjoy spotting inflatable snowmen and santas along the way. Then at the park they would have Christmas decorations, lights and inflatables, and it felt so festive. I always enjoyed the complementary pasta dinner the night before, the pre-race breakfast and the post-race bbq, and I am very glad that I picked up one of their fantastic finishers afghan blankets last year. They certainly knew how to look after you and had the best goodies bag of any race I've ever done.

So RIP Sunmart - I'm going to miss you.


Ryan V. said...

Seriously? That stinks. I enjoyed Sunmart. Where did you hear about this?

Mark said...

Yep, sadly it's true. Straight from the race website:

bart childers said...

FYI. I'm the race director for the Texas Trail Run....formerly known as Sunmart. Dec 5th. 7am 50k and 12.5 run. 20 year anniversary.