Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Great British Summertime

There is a story behind this picture.We visited my uncle's house a few days ago.  He has an unheated outdoor pool, and we all decided to brave it.  The temperature was in the mid-50s, the pool a little less.  I jumped in, and it was icy cold.  But as I keep saying, I burn hot and I love the cold.  I was interested in seeing who else in the family shared my werewolf tendencies.

Gavin jumped in and didn't stay long.  Dylan escaped from Nancy and launched himself in before even taking his shirt off.  I caught him and managed to hold him out of the water until we could at least get his shirt off.  Then he launched himself again.

I caught him and decided to let him plunge right into the water to see what he did.  He caught his breath for a second when the icy water hit him, then he laughed.  We played around in the pool, and every time I asked if he was ready to get out, I got "a few more minutes daddy" from chattering lips.

We outlasted everyone, and I was so proud to have identified the next generation of werewolf.  We did succeed in getting him out a few times, only to have him escape and jump back in again!!!

Here's Dylan in "corpse pose" after finally being dragged out and wrapped.

And here are some other photos from our trip to rural West Wales.

Best of British - Gavin with his wristbands and wellies outside my uncle's greenhouse

Me and Gavin at the end of the dock on the estuary

Nancy, Dylan and my dad by the yacht club

Dylan enjoying a photo shoot after falling over


pancakeiscute said...

It looks very cold there! The Dylan on the table picture is very creepy! Also, it looks so green there...I forgot what green grass looks like.

Hope your garden is surviving our heat....

Mark said...

Ha - I worry for my tomatoes!!!