Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Road to Boston (week 7 of 16)

T-minus 10 and counting.  We're down to the last 10 weeks before Boston - technically still base building, but in my periodization plan we're getting close to the time where I will start fine tuning by throwing in some extra midweek pace runs.

Training has been derailed somewhat by all my travel of late, but I am now home for a few weeks in a row.  I will be in Little Rock, AR at the end of the month, but the hotel I am booked at has free access to the 24 hour fitness next door, so that is a great chance to start throwing in some cross training in the final month before Boston.

From here on in, I have a lot of 20 milers planned.  These are mostly psychological - I seem to run better on race day the more 20 milers I have under my belt.

Saturday February 11th
5am, 38F and windy.  Kind of a low energy day - a weird kind of "nothing" run. I did 20 miles in 2:55:23 (8:46 average) which was fine.  I never bonked, but never dropped into the groove either.  Got lucky and Clea jumped in for the first 11 miles - long runs are so much easier with company.  Then had an uphill slog against the wind for most of the rest of the run.  Ah well, no big deal - it's another 20 miles in the books.

Sunday February 12th
5:30am, 29F and breezy.  Lovely cold morning for a nice relaxed recovery run.  Ran the Danish route backwards - 7 miles in 59:58 (8:34 average).

11:30am, 30F and sleeting.  A trail run at Walnut Creek with Gavin, my 6 year old - such fun.  3 miles of tearing around the trails pretending to be Robin Hood and the Sheriff, followed by playing tag at the playground, then a retreat to a toasty warm car and home for hot chocolate.

Tuesday February 14th
5am, 41F and foggy.  Pea soup this morning - unable to even see street names.  Pretty cool actually.  Did 7 mile reverse Danish loop in 56:10 (8:01 average).

Wednesday February 15th
5am, 63F and humid as all get out.  Urggghh, 22F warmer than yesterday morning, and an early reminder of summer running.  Ground out 7 miles in 54:58 (7:51 average) and just glad to be done.

Thursday February 16th
4:30am, 45F and humid.  Early morning run around Mueller with Clea.  Kept it easy as she's pacing the Austin marathon on Sunday (just as well as I was feeling pretty tired anyway).  We managed 7 miles in 57:55 (8:16 average).  Faster than I thought - no wonder I felt tired!!!

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