Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seriously Dad, You're a Bit of a Nerd

This from the cool kid in the picture with the baseball and basketball necklace and the blue ice cream all over his face (his brother doesn't care - he just thinks I'm a good pillow).  To be fair though, he's probably right.  As his teacher often tells us - he's very articulate.  She just doesn't always like the things he's articulating!!!

Anyway, my latest "nerdy" project is to replace the radio in the car with an ipod/mp3 digital reader, as I want to be able to catch up with my podcasts while I'm driving to these customer sites.  I ordered a really nice one this morning.  And as I hate to pay people to do something I could do myself, I'm going to figure out how to do the install and have a crack at it.

Speaking of business trips, my trip to Corpus Christi ended up being a mixed bag.  While the business side of things went very well (and I discovered a great Thai restaurant), my car got broken into at the hotel car park and they got away with my phone charger and a bunch of cds (including the Audiobook I was in the middle of).  Oh well, at least they left the seats this time.

To top it all, I was then subjected to almost 3 hours of "conservative talk radio" on the drive home, which basically consisted of a lot of ranting and juvenile name calling.

I think I'd rather be waterboarded!!!

On the running front, some great news is they're predicting the heatwave we've endured for months is about to break.  They're saying we're going to get lows in the upper 50s this week, so I'm planning on taking advantage of it and getting in as many runs as I can.  I did 12 yesterday, 6 on the trails this morning, and there was more than a hint of Fall in the air.

Maybe my inner runner will finally poke his head out and take a look around!!!

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