Sunday, August 28, 2011

Five Legs, Two Boys and a Bunch of Wood

This is how I chose to spend most of the record breaking hottest weekend of the year.  It registered over 110F in Austin on Saturday, and 112 today.  Despite this, I decided to get my woodworking hat back on and spent the day in the garage sweating myself into puddledom, drinking gallons of water and building the desks I planned last week.  I got a beautiful piece of birch hardwood, and ended up with three custom desks - one for Gavin's room, one for what will be Dylan's room, and one L-shaped beauty to replace my current work desk.  The picture above is of me and the Gavster measuring and marking our first cuts (the netbook is open to the 3D plans and measurements I put together in the brilliant Google Sketchup).  It was fun to do a project with Gavin, though he wasn't too happy that I wouldn't let him have a go with the circular saw or router (especially since I let him use the nail gun on my last project).

Gavin's desk has an odd shape built to fit into a specific space, so requires five legs.  He was excited because I've also built him a custom computer to go with it.  I figured as a new first grader, he needed his own special "study spot".

To complement my "honey do" weekend, I also cleared out a bunch of baby toys, strollers, high chairs and the like from the garage and the attic.  We are reclaiming space at a rate of knots!!!

On the running front, I celebrated the hottest day of the year by "running" 14 miles.  I say "running" because it was a horrible effort.  I couldn't seem to stop myself overheating, and slowed way down.  There was a bit of walking and a lot of whining.  I ended up averaging about 9:30/mile, and spent the drive home wondering why I can't seem to put together a decent run anymore.

Then I stepped outside later that morning and wondered how the heck I'd managed to run 14 miles in that heat.  I have some friends who ran a 60k all night race last night, and I don't understand how they did it - it was still well over 100F when the race started.

I will admit to some "glad that's not me" feelings as I went to bed last night. Give me cold and icy conditions any day.

This morning was another Walnut Creek "dust bowl" run, and again I felt much better than I did yesterday - still enjoying my trail return.  And in the quest to stop kicking my own ass every Saturday, I am gaining weaponry in the shape of extra running buddies for midweek runs.  At the time of morning I run, I really need motivation to get out of bed - having to meet somebody makes me accountable and (usually) ensures I don't turn off that alarm clock and go back to sleep.

Up this week - early morning runs tomorrow (with Frank) and Tuesday (with Clea), and then a business trip to Corpus the rest of the week.

Planning 16 for next Saturday.  Wonder if I'll make it.

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