Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting Rid of Bush

No, not that one. I'm talking about the bushes that run along the front of my house.  We decided a few days ago to take them out and use the space to plant a vegetable and herb garden instead.  I have visions of rows of golden peppers, juicy tomatoes and fragrant cilantro all swaying majestically in the breeze, and regularly finding their way into my cooking pot.

So this morning I skipped my run, grabbed my shovel and loppers, cranked up the ipod and got to it.

And after 6 hours of digging, chopping, wrestling, pulling, and a little bit of swearing, our bushes are no more.  Well, that's technically not true - they are chopped up and stacked (not so) neatly on our front lawn.  I am one tired puppy, and I bet you anything I am going to be really sore in the morning.

Yesterday I ran 10 miles up at Brushy Creek with my friends Alan and Caroline.  It was a great social run and a chance to catch up with friends I don't see often enough.  We celebrated afterward with breakfast and Irish coffee at Alan's house.

There wasn't very much coffee involved :-)

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brendaontheRun said...

Happy St David's Day Mark!