Thursday, February 17, 2011


So the big news in the running world this week is the tweaking of the Boston marathon qualifiers.  The good news is that I still make the cut, the bad news is that it's now tiered and will likely be sold out by the time I get to register.  The reality is that I really couldn't care less.

Sure it was a wonderful thrill to have qualified for Boston, but I don't know that I ever really had any intention of running it.  Qualifying was never ever a life goal for me - it was just nice to know that I had.

So I "consoled" myself by signing up for an RRCA coaching certification class.  The last time that class came through Austin I ummed and aaahed and it was sold out by the time I decided to register.  This time I made sure to get in good and early.

I'll probably never really use it, but it'll be useful to have, and no doubt a fun experience.  Maybe it'll even help me fine tune preparations for my fall race goals.

And I've been enjoying some down time this week - I haven't run since Sunday.  I've enjoyed eating all the wrong things, and sleeping through my early morning alarm calls.  It's been the running break I've needed for a while.

Though I'd better get back to it before all this wonderful weather passes me by.


clea said...

Wow, I had totally thought about doing that too!!! We will discuss in the morning. I may have to sign up.

Mark said...

I think you should sign up - it will be fun.