Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Dylan

They say that as you get older time speeds up, and while I have yet to discover my first gray hair, the old finger seems to be firmly wedged on the fast forward button. At the other end of the scale Dylan broke his duck today and chalked up his first birthday - it really does not seem a year since he was born.

Nancy got back from a long day in Houston just in time to celebrate. We sang "happy birthday", gave him a big wedge of chocolate cake and let him go for it. And boy, did he go to town!!! With his brother's help, they cleaned the plate.

We ended up cleaning the floor, the walls, the blinds and anything else within flinging distance.

Here are a few pictures.

And just as a comparison, the picture below was Gavin at his 1st birthday party back in 2006. He was a lot messier than Dylan - all over his face, all in his hair :-)

He still does that thing with his bottom lip. And he had a lot more hair than Dylan!!!

It's funny to compare the pictures of my two boys at one year of age. I can see so much of Gavin's cheekiness reflected in his photo. He runs very much on his emotions and is even more of a rascal than the photo suggests.

Dylan is also cheeky, but I think the first picture in this post captures his personality just as much as the last one captures Gavin. He is the "thinking man's" rascal - I have a hunch that he's going to be more tactical and subtle than Gavin.

Together they'll make a formidable team. I think Nancy and I are going to have our hands full over the next few years.

Bring it on boys - your old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve :-)

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