Thursday, May 29, 2008


I can run for a long time at a reasonably fast pace without much effort. I can hold plank for several minutes. I can spend hours being diplomatic with "petty office politics" clients who are crying out for a good slap, but give me an evening looking after a 3 year old in a bad temper and I'm exhausted. Usually Gavin is a really good boy. Usually. But not tonight.

It's a scientific fact that your offspring are born with the ability to push your buttons. Yet in the midst of the battlefield they can melt your heart instantly with one look or one "sorry daddy" and make you feel guilty for ever telling them off. Nancy was off riding her bike this evening and the boy took me on a real rollercoaster. He wouldn't listen, he was into everything, he was sulky, he was being a complete horse's butt. We made pasta together a few nights ago and had a fun time flouring the dough, rolling and hand cranking it through the machine, but tonight? Let's just say night and day and change the subject.

Let's talk about running instead. I guess summer is just about here, which makes running much more of a challenge. I read an article the other day about hot weather running that said it takes about two weeks to acclimatize. I think I'm getting there as the heat didn't really effect me too badly on my run last night. Certainly not as much as Saturday. As I'm into maintenance mode I've cut back on some of my runs and substituted in more cross training at home with aerobic weights, core workouts and yoga. I did the same last summer and it paid big dividends. My legs are very stiff these days so I could do with spending a lot more time stretching (which I definitely don't do enough of).

This weekend is another change up for me. It's the Loop 30k on Sunday which Nancy is running, and I am volunteering at. It's oddly gratifying to stand around and watch a bunch of people work hard. It's also Nancy's birthday on Saturday so Gavin and I are going to bake her a cake tomorrow night. We got her a pair of Vasque Velocity trail shoes for her birthday - giftwrapped (well, shipped - does that count?). I may or may not have gotten her something else, but I'm not going to say because she may read this. What an old romantic I am.

Last comment. Naughty little three year olds look like angels when they're sleeping.

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